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A black hedgehog sighed as he writes down his signature again on some new laws and papers for important business and was talking to one of his fellow lords that was a green hedgehog.This has been going on for days now and was keeping him busy...and he was able to see his slave he loved so much. The slave that the black lord loved so much was a blue hedgehog with bright emerald eyes. The lord loved this slave very dearly and not seeing him because he was so busy made him sad and wanting to see his slave so much...The only people he was able to see right now was Lord Scourge and the butlers and maids that would bring them things. The blue hedgehog was in his master's room sitting on the bed. He sighed. He missed his master. The lord knew that the slave missed him and he felt bad that he was making his slave lonely and sad...but he was so busy that he would fall asleep in his study than going to bed with his slave. The blue hedgehog sighed and laid down on the bed. He thought about when his dark master first bought him. The lord also thought back to when he bought his dear slave.


He was walking around the town to look around see if everything was going ok until he saw an auction going on in the square. There was a beat up blue hedeghog with dull green eyes shaking in fear on the stage next to the person at the stand. The person at the stand was selling the poor hedgehog off to anyone that wanted him.Although the hedgehog was beaten and had a look of fear,he was quite nice and beautiful and the lord held his breath,wanting to buy the slave. There were unshed tears in the blue hedgehog's eyes. He was scared, no... TERRIFIED... The lord felt bad when he saw the unshed tears and when the seller noticed the tears, he rolled his eyes and kicked the hedgehog,
"Don't be so pathetic slave, it's no use to cry, it won't change anything." The blue hedgehog held back a yelp of pain. The lord glared at the seller and walked up to him and the seller gasped,
"Lord Shadow,I wasn't expecting to see you here at the auction." The blue hedgehog's ear twiched a bit. Lord Shadow looked at the blue hedgehog with soft eyes and smiled at him just faintly,
"Are you ok?" The blue hedgehog looked at Lord Shadow with a confused look. No one... had ever asked him that...
"You look really beat up and it makes feel bad for you..." Shadow said and pets Sonic's head very gently. The blue hedgehog was... surprised at the Lord's actions and words...
" want me to take you away from here...and live somewhere safer?" Shadow said as he continued petting the hedgehog. The blue hedgehog nodded after a few minutes. Shadow smiled softly as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bag of pure gold and gives it to the seller for the slave. The blue hedgehog looked at Shadow. The slave now belonged to Shadow and Shadow gently picked the slave up in his arms,planning to carry him home since he was beaten so much. The blue hedgehog was surprsied and looked up at Shadow.
"What's your name?" Shadow said as he looked down at his slave and chuckled since he knew he was surprised.
"... S-Sonic..."
"Well Sonic,I'll tell you now that you ll be treated with much care and that you are a very special hedgehog to me." Sonic was still very surprised.
"Is something wrong?" Shadow said as he looked at Sonic.
"... Y... You really do not need to treat me with such kindess..."
"And why shouldn't I treat you with kindness? Do you want me to be abusive and cruel instead?" Shadow said. Sonic's ears pressed against his head as he shook a bit in fear.
"That's what I thought you'd do.I would never do that to you,you don't seem like you deserve all the pain and abuse." Sonic was surprised to hear that... NO ONE... had ever said that to him... Shadow nuzzled Sonic's head and carried him all the way home,knowing that Sonic will be important to him... Sonic was surprised by the nuzzle... Shadow nuzzled Sonic more softly and smiled. Shadow's tail wagged as he gently kissed Sonic s forhead. Sonic blushed a little. Shadow noticed Sonic's blush as he walks into his manor,kissing his forhead again. Sonic blushed a bit more.
"Why are you blushing so much?" Shadow said,chuckling a bit at Sonic.
"... No one... has... ever kissed me... so... gently before..."
"No one?" Shadow said but he wasn't that surprised since Sonic was a slave. Sonic shook his head.
"Well Sonic...Things will be different since you're with me."
"Ok..." Shadow smiled as he takes Sonic to his room...Sonic will be treated with much care and later one...much love.

end of flashback-----------------------------------

Sonic smiled at the memory. Shadow had not once hit him or made his upset, even if Sonic had accicdently broken something. Shadow promised that he would never hurt Sonic no matter what and eventually he fell in love with Sonic. Sonic had fallen in love with Shadow too. Shadow missed Sonic so much right now...He forgot a paper in his room so he went upstairs to get it really quick. Sonic missed Shadow a lot too. Sonic sighed as he laid on the bed and hugged a nearby pillow. He hated days like this... Shadow walked into his room and sees Sonic crying on the bed and hugging the pillow,
"Sonic..." Sonic's ears perked up and he looked at Shadow.
"...Are you ok?" Shadow said as he sits on the bed next to Sonic. Sonic hugged Shadow.
"I just miss you..."
"I miss you too but I'm still very busy and I don't know when I'll be done." Shadow said,hugging Sonic back. Sonic's ears pressed against his head.
"I'm sorry Sonic...but I just came here to get something."
"I promise to spend time with you when I'm done with everything." Shadow said,kissing Sonic s cheek as he gets up from the bed. Sonic nodded. Shadow grabs what he was suppose to get and looks at Sonic before he goes out the door. Sonic sighed a bit after Shadow left and hugged the pillow again. Shadow tried to think of someway that Sonic would be able to see him.When Sonic tried to be with Shadow on days like this,he would get bored and sometimes the guest would stare at his little slave. Sonic sighed again as a few tears slipped down his face. He wanted to be with Shadow during days like these, but he was always scared of how the guests would stare at him. Sometimes with lust filled eyes... Shadow wanted to see Sonic by his side no matter what and even if the guest stare at Sonic,he'll take care of them.But he knew about Sonic's fear when it came to guests he didn't like...He sighed as he asks for a maid to get him something to calm down. Sonic was really scared of guests he didn't like. If it wasn't for that, he'd be with Shadow right now. The maid gave Shadow just some sweets to calm him down...Shadow still thought about Sonic though...Sonic is a slave afraid of guests,he wanted to be with him,and he has to be occupied for he won t be bored... Sonic desided he might as well take a nap and fell asleep. Shadow soon got idea as he looked at the butlers and maids, It's the perfect idea... Sonic was still asleep. Shadow went back his study to work after he was done with talking to a maid to get him something special for Sonic. Sonic curled up in his sleep. Shadow smirked to himself as he thought of what Sonic will be like tomorrow...
here you go :icondragoonbooprod:. XP
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